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Many P2P platforms offer sign up bonuses for new investors. Below we’ve listed some of the best offers available.

Participating in these offers will boost your returns and help to keep this site funded! Click on the links below to activate these offers.

PlatformAboutAverage Return Sign Up Bonus!
MINTOS Mintos is the largest P2P platform in Europe and was established in 2015. Company operations based in Riga, Latvia. 12.5% 1% of average balance for first 90 days
Grupeer Grupeer is a P2P platform that was registered in 2016, launching in February 2017. Company operations are based in Riga Latvia. Grupeer offer two types of loans; loans issued by credit institutions to individuals and loans issued to enterprises.  13.5% No Bonus currently
FlenderFlender is an Irish P2P platform founded in 2015, offering investment opportunities to businesses based in Ireland. 10.5% 5% of all investments made in first 30 days
CrowdestorCrowdestor is a Latvian based P2P Platform offering high returns for investments in business loans17% <Coming soon>
DegiroDegiro is an online trading platform offering incredibly low rates for stock investingNA20 euro
CurrencyfairCurrencyfair is an online currency exchange platforms offering rates far more favourable than traditional banksNA30 euro once 1,000 euro transferred
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